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Accounting Services

101 thousand COMPANIES

Real Estate Companies

223 thousand COMPANIES

Investment Companies

40 thousand COMPANIES

Management Consulting

193 thousand COMPANIES

Chief Financial Officers

2 million CONTACTS

Key Decision

63 million CONTACTS

Insurance Companies

72 thousand COMPANIES

Legal Services

142 thousand COMPANIES

Hospitals and Clinics

127 thousand COMPANIES

Recruiting Companies

70 thousand COMPANIES


Find and be found by top professionals and companies thanks to our comprehensive business directory.
Our directory is regularly updated and refined, providing you with access to the most accurate data. If you're searching for new customers or scouting potential partners, we give you the perfect tool to make those vital connections and help you reach success.

Find the Perfect Companies and Professionals

Our platform makes it effortless to access the perfect companies and professionals for your requirements. Refine your search by sector, locale, company size, role, and more. Gain access to over 700 million businesses and professionals, and enjoy a totally up-to-date directory at your fingertips. With our platform, expand your network and reach your business objectives.

Enhance Your Network with Accurate Data

Enhance your professional network with accurate and up-to-date data on businesses and professionals. Keep your customer relationship management system current with the latest information, including specializations, skills, experience, and competitors. Explore new markets and niches with fresh leads, and import them directly into your Salesforce system. Boost the effectiveness of your sales and marketing efforts with our comprehensive business directory.

Effortlessly Source
Top Talent

Looking for top talent to join your team? Our platform makes it easy to find the right candidates in a fraction of the time. With access to an extensive contact and business directory covering the entire range of industries and job titles, you'll be able to build a pipeline of qualified candidates and make the perfect hire for your organization. Streamline your recruitment process with access to current and reliable data.

Enhance Your Online Presence with a Comprehensive Business Profile

Our platform offers a free, comprehensive business profile page that helps you stand out and draw in new clients, partners, and investors. Keep your information up-to-date to effectively demonstrate your products, services, and team. With a professional business profile on Revonect, you have the potential to achieve excellence above your competition and reach the goals of your business.