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Christian Markus Burel

Regional Sales Manager at Trusted Home Services
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Email (work) ***************
LinkedIn URL burel-4sor
Company Trusted Home Services
Residence Canada
Last updated 2020-10-09
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Sales Managers direct the sales team towards achieving their goals by setting targets, developing strategies, and leading customer relationships.
Other job titles include Director of Sales or Business Development Manager.
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Christian Burel's current details

Current Title
Regional Sales Manager
Type of Role
Sales Manager
 just 0.5% from Canada work as a Sales Manager
Job functions
Finance, Operations and Sales
Job Seniority
Lower Management
  12% from Canada are employed in Lower Management
Current Industry
Recruiting and Talcen soredcensor edc ensore dcens oredcens
Experience (tracked since 2018)
▪ c ensore experience at Trusted Home Services
▪ c ensore experience as Regional Sales Manager
Work-life tracked since 2018
Christian Burel had a total of X different roles since 2018

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Company "Trusted Home Services"

Company name
Trusted Home Services
Company size
censo redcens
Linkedin Profile e-servsor
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Trusted Home Services

Christian Markus Burel's Work History
data available since 2018

  • 2020 (6 months)
    Trusted Home Services
    Regional Sales Manager
    Recruiting and Talent Acquisition
    Trusted Home Services
  • 20XX (a fce nsored)
    Ccensore dcensor edce nsoredce
    Rcensore dcensor edcenso
  • 20XX (1+ censo)
    Ecensor edcensored censoredcenso
    Dcensore dc ensoredc ensoredcens
    Rcensoredc ens oredce nsoredcenso
  • 20XX (a fce nsored)
    Bcensore dcensore dc enso redcensore
    Acensoredcensor edcensore dcensoredc ens oredcens
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Christian Burel's Professional Experience

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Frequently asked questions

What company does Christian Burel work for?
Christian Burel is working for Trusted Home Services
What is Christian Burel's title at Trusted Home Services?
Christian's title is , Regional Sales Manager
What is Christian Burel's Seniority at Trusted Home Services?
Christian Burel has been with Trusted Home Services for 6 months and is in Lower Management
For how long is Christian Burel working as a Regional Sales Manager?
Christian Burel has 6 months experience as Regional Sales Manager.
What are Christian Burel's functions as a Regional Sales Manager ?
Christian Burel is responsible for Finance, Salece nsoredcens
What is Christian Burel's email contact?
Christian Burel's email address is ***************
Who are similar contacts like Christian Burel ?
Some similar contacts are Ali Ansari, Reetika Singh, Michael D., Brett B, Sophia Lily and Gael Grob.
What is Christian Burel's LinkedIn profile ?
Christian Burel's LinkedIn profile can be found at***-burel-4***

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